Avery Multer
Avery Multer's Fundraiser

Support Violence Prevention in Our Schools

A donation to Thousand Waves provides valuable violence prevention, self defense, adapted Seido karate, and Bystander Intervention workshops in Chicago

$1,540 towards $1,000

Hello dear friends,

Our daughter, Avery, continues her training in Seido Karate at Thousand Waves in Chicago. After a lot of dedicated hard work, she has reached the rank of green belt, 4th kyu. We believe very strongly in the skills she's learning there; patience, respect, self-discipline, peaceful conflict resolution, and a non-quitting spirit! In Avery's own words:

"Thousand Waves has inspired me to become a part of the community and to make an impact on the world. The teachers are very supportive and have helped me become a more centered, peaceful person. They've not only taught me how to defend myself, but to know when to use karate and when not to. I've become more aware of the feelings of others and I feel more inclined and ready to help.

Thousand Waves is especially important to the Chicago community because of how welcome it makes everyone feel. It changes people for the better, making them more social, influencing them to make better decisions. Thousand Waves has helped many a person in finding balance, teaching the skills they require to live life to the fullest and make everyone feel appreciated."

Thousand Waves' fundraising efforts are devoted to three critical areas:

  • Scholarships, which provide funding for children and adults who wouldn't otherwise be able to study karate or self-defense.
  • Adapted Seido Karate (ASK), a partnership with RIC that provides karate for youth with disabilities.
  • Self-Defense/Violence Prevention, which provides Self-defense and Bystander Intervention workshops and courses all over the city.

Thousand Waves' name comes from the Japanese saying, "One wave sets thousands in motion."A donation of any amount will go a long way in helping Avery meet her goal for Thousand Waves.

In addition, those who donate $25 or more will receive a 10 pack of 5X7 notecards/envelopes featuring Avery's own Thousand Waves-inspired custom design entitled "Bringer Of Light". Thank you for your support!