Dexter Phillip
Dexter Phillip's Fundraiser
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One wave sets thousands in motion.

Our annual fundraiser supports scholarships, our Adapted Seido Karate program, and Violence Prevention outreach in the community.

We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!

$190 towards $100

Thousand Waves is a mission-driven not-for-profit in the city of Chicago that has been active in the community for over 32 years with a mission to foster fitness, healing, empowerment, and peacemaking.

Dex has been going to Thousand Waves dojo for almost a year now. In that year, his family has seen tremendous growth in his maturity, confidence, strength, and balance. He's lucky to be a part of this incredible school, where tolerance, peace, and cooperation are the cornerstones off his training.

He is currently a scholarship kid, and the dojo uses this fundraiser every year to help support scholarships for Dex and kids like him. In doing so, they make a huge difference in the lives of kids throughout Chicago, and create a community that is diverse in race, background, ability, and class.

Please take a moment to support Thousand Waves this year. Especially in these difficult times, we need to ensure that organizations like this remarkable school have all the love we can send them.

Donating equals loving.

Spirit Challenge Fundraiser supports Thousand Waves' work in three critical areas:

  • Scholarships, which provide funding for children and adults who wouldn't otherwise be able to study karate or self-defense.
  • Adapted Seido Karate (ASK), a partnership with Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago that provides karate for youth with disabilities.
  • Self-Defense/Violence Prevention, which provides Self-defense and Bystander Intervention workshops and courses all over the city.

Thousand Waves' name comes from the Japanese saying, "One wave sets thousands in motion." Just one donation will go a long way to helping Dex meet his goal for Thousand Waves. Thank you for your support!