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Carlotta's story, on behalf of Team Sister Act: I've been training at Thousand Waves for more than three years now and I've just promoted to brown belt. I was inspired to start taking karate after my sister, Rosetta, began. Now our little sister Ramona trains, too. I love karate because it isn't only a place to learn martial arts, but also a community, where I have met many, many wonderful people and made a lot of friends. There was a time though, that I considered quitting karate. I had just started school at Whitney Young and I was feeling very stressed. But then I imagined myself not doing karate, and I realized I couldn't see it. I realized how much I love and appreciate being a karateka, alongside my sisters.

One thing that is really meaningful to the dojo, since it has to do with the reason behind its name, is the saying, "one wave sets thousands in motion". A great real life example of this one "wave" that impacts many more, happens right here in the locker rooms: a sign asks anyone who sees something that needs to be done--a locker door to close, the sink to be washed--because it takes everyone's help to keep the space tidy. These small actions that help improve one tiny community, like a locker room community, inspire others to improve bigger communities, like the whole dojo community, a citywide community, or even a worldwide community.

Another thing I really love about Thousand Waves is a small sign in the lobby that says something along the lines of: "Peace is often defined as: harmony, love, etc." I read that sign every day and smile. I realize how lucky my family and I are to have found this amazing community that fosters fitness, healing, empowerment, and peacemaking.

This fundraiser helps Thousand Waves with its significant mission; your donation goes towards scholarships, ASK (Adapted Seido Karate, for children with disabilities) and violence prevention. Team Sister Act thanks you in advance!